Delicious and Easy Recipes for Your Vegan Thanksgiving

Are you having vegan Thanksgiving? Are you looking for unique recipes for your side dishes? Well let us start.Vegan Main DishRice and vegetable stuffed filo dome with toasted pine nuts.img_3605Bulgur and potato stuffed mold that you can slice and serve in place of Turkey.img_1068 Sweet Potatoes Russet potato with sweet potato and pomegranate toppingimg_3595 Sweet and spicy baked mashed sweet potato with walnut and cilantro topping.IMG_2643 Cranberry Cranberry and sun-dried tomato spreadimg_3569 How about a salad?Kale and cranberry salad with crispy caramelized onionIMG_3321 or mushroom and scallion saladIMG_3499These recipes are good start for vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving.  Stay Healthy My Friends and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.