All Gluten Free dishes and bread are made from scratch in the restaurant.  We use a combination of gluten-free flours to make the dough for the Fatayer, bread and desserts. Sanaa takes great pride in the gluten free bread that she has developed after  years of research. The end result is a gluten free bread that tastes and feels like  your favorite regular bread. You will pleasantly surprised at the wonderful taste and texture of the variety of  gluten free bread she has developed –pita bread, French bread, dinner rolls, scones, biscotti, cinnamon buns and many more.

MAIN DISHES  ($10.95)

Shish Tawook: Chicken breast pieces cooked in Sanaa’s signature cumin red sauce, served on a bed of saffron infused basmati rice with salad.
Kufta Kabob: Seasoned ground beef ovals cooked in light tomato sauce, served on a bed of saffron infused basmati rice with salad.
Beef or Chicken Fatayer:
 Your choice of beef or chicken Fatayer, salad and basmati rice.


Our combo meals are servied with basmati rice and salad

Feta Fatayer Combo Meal: Feta cheese and olive Fatayer, with basmati rice and cabbage or quinoa salad.
Spinach Fatayer Combo Meal: Spinach and walnuts Fatayer with basmati rice and cabbage or quinoa salad.


Fatayer is a delicious Eastern Mediterranean Calzone made with GF dough ( Sanaa use  GF flour blend, yeast and olive oil) and then  filled with a variety of stuffing.They are brushed with olive oil and baked in our stone oven.

Feta and Oregano: Our GF  dough stuffed with a mixture of feta cheese with wild oregano, chopped olives and olive oil.

Spinach and Walnut: 
Our GF dough stuffed with a mixture of fresh spinach, walnuts, onion and olive oil.

Potato: Our GF dough stuffed with roasted potato mixed with sun-dried tomato with cilantro lime pesto.
Chicken Mussakhan: our GF dough stuffed with a mixture of chicken breast pieces sautéed with caramelized onion, roasted sweet bell pepper, sun-dried tomato and cilantro.
Beef with Pomegranate Sauce: our GF dough stuffed with a mixture of cooked ground beef with onion, pomegranate molasses and special seasoning.

Chicken Tahini: our GF dough stuffed with boiled chicken breast mixed with tahini, and ginger sauce with cucumber pickles and chili sauce.

Beef Steak: our GF dough stuffed with thinly sliced steak, saute with onion and pepper in tahini chili sauce.

Eggplant Mosakaa fatayer, walnuts and pomegranate fatayer and many more.


Cabbage Salad: Chopped red and green cabbage and radishes in mint lemon juice with an olive oil dressing.

Quinoa Salad: Quinoa boiled tossed with broccoli florets, red cabbage, carrots, cranberries, red bell pepper and slivered almonds in lemon and olive oil dressing with a lot of lemon zest.

Tabbouli Salad: Special order-finely chopped parsley, mixed with quinoa grain, tomatoes, sweet onions with an olive oil lemon juice dressing.

Hummus: Pureed garbanzo beans with tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice, garlic and lemon juice.
Green Olive Tapenade: Green olives, walnuts, onions and parsley coarsely chopped and mixed with olive oil and oregano.
Basmati Rice Pilaf: Basmati rice cooked in olive oil wit saffron and turmeric.
Soups: All soups are made from scratch and gluten free. Served with gluten-free bread