Follow a few rules to combat obesity/Mushroom and Scallion Salad

Americans increasingly are concerned about he rising rate of obesity in young and old.  My notion of treating this problem is not to focus on the symptoms, but to address the causes.I was an obese child.  30 years ago, I was 60 pounds heavier than I am now.  I tried everything to lose weight.  Any diet became my regimen.  But depriving myself made me even more obsessed with food, and it made my struggle even more difficult.Eventually, I accepted that I loved food because it was part of my joy of life.  After that I set some rules.  The rules helped me lose the weight somewhat easily, and they have helped keep the weight off all these years.  These are the same rules I have set for my daughter so she will have healthy relation with food and weight.The first rule is the "precious calorie" rule.  Each calorie I would take in would have to earn its way to my thighs.  I used to eat anything put in front of my, but the precious calorie rule allowed me to eat only the food I deemed worth eating.  No more junk food.Second is the "Are you hungry?" rule.  That rule prevented me from eating something simply because it looked good or might ease my boredom.  That rule especially applies in a theater, at a ball game, at receptions or other social gatherings.The Third rule is to eat only in the dining room.  This prevents munching during TV viewing, which promotes overeating.  Children especially can go into a trance in front of a television and eat beyond the point at which they are full.The fourth rule is when you're full, you're full.  The minute I feel almost full, I stop eating and clear the table.Last, only healthy snacks, fresh fruits and cooking from scratch.  When only healthy, low fat food is brought into the home, then children will adopt a healthy eating habit by considering healthy foods a norm and not an aberration.This is an easy salad and if you have leftover you can saute it, add an egg and cook for a  fabulous omelet.Mushroom and Scallion Salad serves 41        pound white mushrooms, cleaned and sliced6       scallion, chopped1       teaspoon dry basil1/4  cup lemon juicezest of one lemon1/4  cup olive oilsalt to taste-Place the mushrooms and the scallion in salad bowl.  Whisk the lemon juice with the olive oil, the basil and the lemon zest.  Drizzle the dressing over the vegetables and toss gently.