Recipe for Vegetarian Stuffed Eggplant with Cilantro Pomegranate Sauce

I always say that the eyes eat before the mouth. This  eggplant dish has it all. It has the looks, the texture, the health and it tastes great.

Stuffed vegetarian eggplantserves 44       inches long eggplants1/4   cup olive oil2       medium onion, chopped1       cup crushed tomatoes1/2   cup pomegranate molasses1/2   teaspoon ground corianderFor the sauce1       cup plain Greek yogurt1/4   cup tahini paste*4       cloves garlic, mashed1/2   cup lemon juice1/4   teaspoon ground cuminsalt to tasteFor the topping:1/2   cup cranberries1       cup chopped fresh cilantro1/2  cup chopped scallions1/4   cup  pine nuts-Cut the eggplants lengthwise and place cut side up on cookie sheet.  Brush with olive oil and broil until golden brown.  Remove from the oven and set aside.-To make the stuffing: Heat couple tablespoons of olive oil and saute the onions for five minutes.  Add the coriander, half of the garlic and stir for few seconds. Add the crushed tomatoes, the pomegranate molasses, 1 cup of water, salt and pepper.  Bring to boil.  Adjust the seasoning, cover and simmer for 5 minutes.-To make the sauce: Whisk the rest of the garlic with the Greek yogurt, the tahini, the lemon juice, the cumin and the salt together into smooth paste.  Add little water if the sauce is too thick to spread.-To make the topping: Heat the rest of the oil.  Stir in the pine nuts and toss for couple minutes.  Add the cilantro and the cranberries .  Mix and remove from the heat.-Place the broiled eggplants cut sides up on baking dish.  Spoon the stuffing over the eggplants.  Cover with foil and bake in 395 F. degree oven for 25 minutes.-Pour the yogurt tahini sauce over the eggplant, sprinkle with the topping and the scallions. Serve hot with rice.