How to Make Dairy Free Feta Cheese

The other day I received a phone call from a panicked customer. She told me that her sister's family were going to visit and that her niece is vegan and gluten sensitive. She asked "Would you be able to prepare my niece a few meals?""Of course!" I replied. I do love a challenge.I started by making her a vegan feta cheese. With it, I could easily make a nice spread that can be used for pizza or to spread on top of bagels (gluten-free, of course!). Another dish I made for her was a fulfilling spanakopita. I also made a few gluten free pita loaves and a gluten free pizza crust.  From my understanding, all of the food was consumed with great pleasure. What is better than a happy costumer? Well, I'll tell you: many happy blog readers! So, I thought I would share my recipes with you all, beginning with the delicious vegan cheese.

Dairy Free Feta Cheesemakes 3 cups1           12-ounces extra firm tofu1/2      lemon1          clove of garlic cut in half1          twig fresh rosemary1/2      Tablespoon sea salt-Cut the tofu into 1-inch cubes and place on kitchen towel.-Dissolve the salt in 6 cups of water bring to a boil.  Remove from the heat, drop the lemon and the tofu.  Allow the tofu to sit in the brine and allow it to cool.  Keep the cubes refrigerated in the brine until you need to use them.