For the New Year, fill your pockets with lentils

I wrote this blog last year but I thought I should share these tips with you so you will be ready too. Who knows, it might works for you.Several members of my restaurant staff are from Mexico. I learned from them a novel way of celebrating the New Year. As the New Year approached and we were busy preparing for our lunch rush, I noticed my staff exchanging bags and handfuls of lentils. I had to ask what it was all about. I was told that in Mexico a person should wear something yellow which would bring him or her good luck in the New Year. They also recommended that I put lentils in my pocket which would bring in more money in the New Year. Another staff member told me that, because I love to travel, I should pull large suitcase all around my house at midnight.As I was discussing these rituals with the staff, one of my customers, who was listening in, said that if I would eat 12 grapes at midnight while at the same time making a wish for every month in the year, the wishes would come true.My mom would cook something white for the New Year–yogurt sauce--and make us eat it on New Year’s day to ward off sorrow during the coming year.I decided to cover all my bases. I went to a New Year’s party wearing a nice classy black dress a yellow scarf on my head. I had lentils in my purse–not exactly in my closed hand, but hoping it would nevertheless count. When midnight arrived and while everyone at the party was hugging and kissing, I ran outside the house with a suitcase I had retrieved from my car, and ran around the house. The temperature was -15 degrees Fahrenheit, which caused me to run and scream, trying to stay warm. The neighbors must have thought that I was a victim of excessive drinking. But I was merely fulfilling my New Year’s destiny. I came inside the house drank milk and ate grapes. My hosts, who know I do not drink alcohol, must have concluded that the freezing temperature had affected my brain.Happy New Year and Let us pray for peace on earth.