Eggnog with NO eggs......Try it and Be Merry

I love a lot of things about Christmas.  I love watching my daughter's decorating her tree with Christmas music playing in the background.  I love making Maa'moul and Christmas cookies, I love the smell of the pine candle that my daughter insist in lighting every day in December and I even love shopping for special gifts that get my daughter excited and surprise.  But my favorite part of Christmas is when I play dancing music while baking, take dancing break with my daughter while sipping my homemade eggnog.I am not crazy about drinking raw eggs and I have couple friend who are allergic to dairy so I came up with recipe.Vegan Eggnogmakes 4 classes4       cups plain almond milk2       teaspoons corn starch1/4  cup candied orange peel4      tablespoons Cointreau-Dissolve the corn starch in couple tablespoons of the almond milk.  Add the rest of the almond milk and cook over medium heat, stirring continuously, until the milk thicken slightly.  Remove from the heat and place in food processor.  Add the candied orange peels and process until the peels are pureed.  Spoon the mixture into sieve to take any remaining coarse orange skin.-Add the Cointreau or whisky if you do desire.  Cool overnight and then enjoy.