Soup is Perfect Winter Fare

I think dark chocolate is the world's greatest comfort food.  But in freezing temperatures, hot soup comes in second.  Even before tasting he soup, just holding a hot cup in my hand and smelling the garlic and spice aroma spreads warmth through my system.Long time ago, when I lived in Washington D.C. I worked in the Watergate office building.  As you probably know, or at least, as you probably suspect, a snow of an inch or so in Washington, D.C., nearly shuts down the city.  The result of such weather is that everyone in the office building eats in the Greek-owned deli on the ground floor, crating a huge crowd.  When I worked in the building, the deli served the best twice-baked potato and the best lentil soup in Washington, D.C.During one such snow storm, I was in line for lunch at eh deli.  I ordered lentil sop, which was served to me in a Styrofoam bowl.  As I turned to leave, I spilled the entire bowl on the Swedish consular, who was standing behind me.  He was so polite that he insisted that I get back in line ahead of him to get a new bowl of soup.  I did, and immediately spilled the second bowl all over the floor.  Because most of those in line were diplomats, they didn't say a word as my face and ears turned totally red, and the deli personnel came around the counter to clean up the mess I had made.  The third helping of the lentil soup was given to me in a bowl, placed in the center of a large tray so any spill would be caught in the tray and not by the Swedish consular.All cultures have great soups. Some soups are light and make good starter and some make a meal on their own. Lentil soups are still my favorite.Lentil Lemon Soup with Cilantro