Cooking Class 2, Basic Tomato Sauce &Fresh Sauce

Basic Tomato SauceMakes 4 cups4      tablespoons olive oil6-8 cloves garlic, mashed4      cups crushed tomatoes1/4  cup chopped fresh basil, or 1/2 teaspoon dry basilsalt and pepper to taste-In a heavy saucepan, place the olive oil and the garlic and cook over medium heat until you sear the garlic but not burn them--this will make the sauce taste bitter--.-Add the crushed tomato, 1 cup of water, salt and the pepper.  If you are using dry basil, you should added now.  Stir and bring to a boil. Turn down the temperature and simmer for 5 minutes. -Turn off the heat, add the fresh basil and serve.This sauce is great with spaghetti, pizza and lasagna. Sauce Pastaserves 44        tablespoons olive oil1        clove garlic, mashed4        cups chopped scallions4        medium ripe tomato, diced1/2  cup chopped fresh basilsalt and peppergrated fresh Parmesan, optional1      pound short pasta-Bring salted water to a boil.  Drop the pasta, stir and bring back to a boil.  Cook for 6 minutes or until the pasta cooked but not mushy.-Just one minute before the pasta is done, heat the olive oil and saute the garlic for few seconds.  Add the scallion, the tomatoes, the salt and the pepper.  Stir and cook for one minutes.-Drain the pasta and the basil to the sauce.  Stir for one minute and turn off the heat.  Sprinkle with the cheese and serve.