Memory Problems? How about Few Pistachios

Can good nutrition improve a person's memory? My mother certainly used to think so.  As my sibling and I preparedams in high school, my mother would plant a large bowl of pistachios on the table as study aid.  It improved our memory, she said; she learned it from her mother.This came about as a result of the preparation for a couple days trip. In an effort to slim down my wallet, I removed all my local department store credit cards and place them in a plastic zipper bag.  Since my return, I have not been able to find the credit card bag.  I have eaten several pounds of pistachios, and I have cleaned and reorganized every room in my home in a futile effort to find the bag but with no luck.  I did find many items I had saved and misplaced over the years, but no credit cards.A lot of factors affect memory, nutrition being one of them, in addition to stress, cluttering the mind with many facts, allergies and, thyroid disorder.Age does not necessarily make a person's memory deteriorate, although many people use that as an excuse.  A good and proper diet,as well as physical and mental exercise, can keep a good memory active until the waning years of a person's life.Although my mother had no scientific basis for it, she was right about nuts and nutrition.  Ad diet that is high in nuts and green vegetables and low in fat and refined sugar can maintain good memory.The fat in a high-fat diets gets oxidized, which can produce free radicals that damage he brain and body.  Raw vegetables help prevent free radicals from forming and, in their own way, because vegetable are high in antioxidants and vitamins, invariably help the memory.Chemicals in nuts, seeds, and legumes strengthen neurotransmitters, the wiring that transmits information in the brain.Oily fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids, also build stronger neurotransmitters.These guidelines are the basis for an all-around healthy diet, whether or not you are trying to improve your memory.Try this Walnut and Red Bell Pepper Spread, MohamaraServes 6-81     Medium onion, chopped1     red bell pepper, seeded and chopped1     cup walnuts1     slice whole wheat bread, two days old4    tablespoons hot red pepper paste, Harrisa *4    tablespoons pomegranate molasses1/4 cup olive oil1    teaspoon ground coriander1    teaspoon ground cumin-Place the onion, the pepper, the walnuts and the bread in a food processor.  Coarsely chop.-Add the rest of the ingredients and process into coarsely paste.This spread good with everything.*Harrisa is red bell or hot pepper paste. You can find it in Middle Eastern stores.