Street Food Is not Something New

I know, I know, everyone so excited about all these great food trucks that taking over the streets in major cities.  You can buy the best gourmet sandwiches or the most creative meal.  You can follow them on twitter to be updated with there location and  what is the daily specials.In many cities around the world, the street food is as old as  the cities themselves and variety of the food runs the gamut -from Belgian waffles in Brussels; fried fish in Istanbul, Turkey, cooked shrimp in Bangkok, Thailand; and tacos in Mexican cities.Food sold in streets around the world is perhaps the best insight into a country's cuisine, being much closer to reality than recipes in a travel magazine.I love street food and I like most food markets, but very few stand out.  One notable market is in Bangkok, called the "floating market." Food is cooked and sold on boats floating in Bangkok's river, and the only way to buy the food is either from the riverbank or from another boat that can nudge its way next to the food boats.  Some boats have all the facilities to serve you a hot meal or take-out meal if you wish.Istanbul is another favorite.  Istanbul has a market with stalls sitting on pilings pounded into the water along he Bosporus Strait.  There, you can order a meal of fish that will be caught, cleaned and cooked for you right there.Last the falafel cart on old Damascus.  The salesperson, have great decorated cart with personality to go with it.  He fries the falafel, splash big spoon of hummous on thin flat bread, place several falafel on top of the hummous and then pickles, tomatoes and spicy tahini sauce.  He fold the bread and then wrap it with foil and it is up to you how to tackle it.  Instead of tweeting to the customers he would sing and people would know where to find him.  I can not say much about his voice but his falafel is the die for.