Healthy Recipes for Your 4th of July Party

I am sure by now you know how much I love to cook and to entertain.  After many years of entertaining, I learned to choose menu items that can be made ahead of time.  This allowed me to start enjoying my party instead of spending my time in the kitchen, scrambling while hearing my friends have a great time outside.Here are few healthy recipes that you can make the day before your 4th party:Avocado Hummus A great spread that combines avocado and hummus for smooth unique spread. The best part is that tahini and lemon prevent the avocado from oxidizing so the hummus stays green. Mohamarra, Red Bell Pepper Paste Sweet, spicy and crunchy red spread that can be served as dip for your vegetables or spread over your hot grilled protein. Mediterranean Potato Salad This potato salad taste better when it is day old and it is safe to keep on your picnic table in the July hot sun. Fattoush Salad Just go to your garden and pick up one or couple from your vegetables and this great salad. Creme Caramel Apple Bread Pudding If you got couple loaf of stale bread and several apple wilting in your refrigerator drawer, this is the dessert to make.  Make it couple days ahead of time and just serve it while watching the fire work.I believe these recipes will make your party fun, healthy and enjoyable.