Gluten Free Vegetarian Mediterranean Recipes Cookbook

Sanaa–Gluten Free Vegetarian Mediterranean Recipes
I wear many different hats. I am an agriculture engineer, a master in nutrition and a Mediterranean chef. This background has made me understand and appreciate food from the farm to the table.
I opened my restaurant 11 years ago. I continually work to prefect my recipes and address my customers needs and allergies without compromising the flavors. In fact, I challenge myself to enhance the flavors.
At last I have published my gluten free cookbook.  The book contain about 250 recipes. All of these recipes have been tested time and time again. My customers were honest, excited judges who kept asking me to trial more recipes.  I  give them samples and they will come back with their suggestions, criticisms and whatever else they have to say, sometimes they even tell me the dish has no chance.
It took a few years to write, edit, and prefect all of the recipes in the book. For photography,  I found the best passionate and talented photographer that was willing to work for free food: my daughter, Alya. She did great job with setting the scenes and taking pictures of the food.
My friends at 9 Cloud company helped with the setting and then Tim Murray from Paperback Design did his magic and put the book together.
The recipes are simple, easy to follow and based on the Mediterranean diet which is the best diet for heart, brain and cancer prevention.   I believe that you will enjoy cooking these recipes irrespective of being vegetarian or allergic to gluten.
 I am going to have book "ordering" party at the restaurant on Oct. 27th from 4-7 pm. I found out that if I sell certain numbers of books in short time the rating of my book gets higher and I might have best seller on Amazon. So, bring your iphone, I pad and laptop and join me for food, fun and book ordering party. If you can not make, please order the book and then review it on Amazon. I truly appreciate your help. This is the link to the book on Amazon.