Liberation Soup Moroccan Lemon Couscous and More Interesting Recipes in This Cookbook

IMG_2701Hello, my name is Sanaa, and I love cookbooks. I am always looking for inspiring and intriguing recipes. Liberation Soup, by Joy Stoddard and Philip Sansone, is a cookbook containing over 75 recipes from around the world. The recipes are from micro-entrepreneurs from 60 countries, and the book is published by Whole Planet Foundation. The Whole Planet Foundation provides seed money and helps women in small villages to  set up businesses.The recipes come from women in small villages who are using their talents and creativity to take care of their family and improve their lives. The women use whatever they can around them to create delicious dishes. Talk about Farm to Table.  There is recipe for pickled mango from South Africa, Pumpkin soup from Haiti, Rice and Lentils with Cauliflower from Bangladesh and many more from Malawi, Philippines, Morocco...I made the Moroccan Lemon Couscous with vegetables and my family loved it.The book is sold at Whole Food Markets so if you are lucky to live near one, go and buy the book. You will love the variety of recipes, inspired by women around the world, and you will be happy to know that $5 of every cookbook purchase go the Whole Planet Foundation to benefit women worldwide.IMG_2481