Are You Looking for Unique Valentine Dessert? Make These Wine Poached Pears

I love most fruit desserts from apple pie, peach cobbler, to blueberry crumbles. Poached Pears are a simple fruit dessert-- it tastes great and is a healthy dessert as far as it can be. It has fruit, wine and is scrumptious. What is nice about this dessert is that it tastes great a couple days old; you can make it ahead of time and devote more time for your dinner.  I usually save the sauce and serve it over vanilla ice cream.  Even though you can use any pear for this recipe, Bosc pears are the best choice because they stay firm during cooking.

Poached Pears4      Bosc pears3      cups dry red wine1      cup sugar1/2  cup dried cranberriescouple pieces of orange skin2     cloveszest of one lemon-In a large stainless steel saucepan, combine all the ingredients, except the pears. Bring to a boil.-Reduce the heat.  Place the pears in the pan and simmer for 25 minutes.-Gently remove the pears and continue to simmer the wine sauce until it reduces to half its volume.-Place the pears  in a white serving platter.  Pour the wine sauce over and around the pears.  Chill for a couple of hours before serving.You can sprinkle some un-salted pistachio on top to add different texture or spoon couple fresh ricotta on serving dish, place the poached pear on top and then drizzle with the wine sauce.  I am salivating just writing this and I hope that you would enjoy this simple fruit dessert recipe as much as I do.Try it and let me know. I would love to hear from you.