When in Rome, Eat Where The Roman Eat

It is confession time.I've been, as anyone know, lecturing my husband on his intake of food ever since we've been married.  I know that in his younger days he was a world class eater, and even though he's now a bit older, he hasn't slowed down all that much.  But now, after having returned from my vacation, I find that I now have to lighten up on him, primarily because I came back home ten pounds heavier than when I left.  I would like to say that I enjoyed every calorie that has now stayed on my hips, but as a nutritionist who usually preaches restraint, and light eating, I am forced to say I shamefully overdid i.Eating at local markets and restaurants is a must in order to truly appreciate the culture and the country your are visiting.  It's better than, say, eating at an American fast food joint when in Paris or Rome.My point is this: A vacation is a vacation, so don't worry about a couple, or 10 in my case, extra pounds when dieting will make your holiday less pleasurable.  You can always lose a few pounds through exercise and eating restraint after you're back home, but you may never be able to get back to a wonderful restaurant you pass by while on your vacation.A good idea while traveling is to try find restaurants where the locals eat. and try to avoid the places that are heavily advertised in travel brochures and magazines.  When I am in Rome, I investigate the side streets for little trattorias (family cafes).  If the menu outside the front door is in English as well, you know it's a tourist place.  If the menu is only in the local language, you have a good chance of hitting a gastronomical home run.  Restaurant owners know that tourists will not be back in any event, the result being the cooking that is most likely haphazard and the prices will be higher.  There are exceptions to this rule, the very expensive restaurants for example, who are protective of their international reputation.Here is salad recipe that I make to help me lose my 10 extra poundsCucumber, Carrot and Oregano Saladserves 44           small seedless cucumber, or pickling cucumbers2           carrots1           cup fresh oregano leaves4           tablespoons crumbled feta cheese4           tablespoons olive oil4           tablespoons lemon juicezest of one lemonsalt and pepper to taste-Slice the cucumbers and carrots into thin rounds.-In a large mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients except the feta cheese.-Mix well, adjust the seasoning then sprinkle the cheese on top.