The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook

Reading Erin Chase's new cookbook, The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook , simply drives home the point that too many people in America either have lost the art of cooking, or they never had it to begin with.One of my objective is to try to get people back into the kitchen, and Author Chase has found one excellent way to accomplish this.  She has created 200 recipes for quick, delicious and nutritious meals that anyone can learn, and even has time to cook.One of the major causes of obesity, especially among children nowdays, is the escape of cooks in the home from home cooked meals.  The excuse that I hear most from people who attend my cooking classes is that they don't have either the time or the budget to be able to cook for their families.  The unfortunate result is that families now get their food from fast food restaurants, places that are certain to load their customers down with fat calories.The objective of Erin Chase's cookbook is to get families back into eating affordable home cooked meals.  That will result in a decrease in childhood obesity, and the commensurate improvement in family health.Her is a link to cookbook page