Beware of big promises

When I surf the channels on TV, the web and even the supplement aisle in stores, I never cease to marvel at the pitchmen- and pitchwoman-hawking virtually every so-called healthy remedy one can think of, from ab and hip melter, to miracle cures for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and whatever else might or might not ail you.But before you buy, stop and ponder.  If these miracle curs really worked, why we are getting more and more obese? Why my husband still fat?  Why I am not size 4 and my wrinkle getting deeper?.Other cultures studied by nutrition scientists have discovered that societies with low incidences of cancer and heart disease are healthy because of the nature of their diet, not because of the nature of their store bought supplements.Here is a simple salad  from which you can ingest vitamins, minerals, fiber and few cancer fighting elements.Mixed Vegetable and Walnut Saladserves 68        leaves Romaine lettuce4        scallions1        medium cucumber2       medium tomatoes4       radishes1       carrot1        punch parsley1       cup toasted walnuts1       clove garlic1/4  cup chopped fresh oregano1/4  cup lemon juicelemon zest1/4  cup olive olilsalt to taste-Cut all the vegetables into bite-size pieces and place in a salad bowl.-Mash the garlic and mix with the oregano, the lemon juice, the lemon zest, the olive oil and the salt.  Drizzle the dressing over the vegetables. Toss gently, and then spirnkle with the walnuts.