Sanaa Cooks on You Tube!

I thought I'd reveal a little information about one of my new side projects! I am working to launch a You Tube Channel, which will feature fresh, 10 minute videos offering tips, tricks and recipes for cooking healthy food.While videos produced especially for You Tube are being prepared, they are not yet ready. However, two weeks ago, I held a cooking class on sauces at the local Hyvee on Minnesota Avenue. Hyvee sponsors a lot of great classes in their Club room each week, including fun courses for children and their parents. I did record this as a test video, and while the audio quality is sub-optimal (Turn your volume all the way up!) I thought I'd put it up for you to preview, as stimulus to ask what you'd like to see in the future!Check it out here and learn how to make Pomogranite Walnut Sauce and Chili Pepper Paste in less than 10 minutes. Then, be sure to leave your comments and thoughts! Thanks in advance