New Year Traditions

My daughter told me the other day that"we should start our own tradition for the New Year".  That got me thinking about the concept of tradition, and I checked the dictionary, which told me that it was, among other things" an established way of thinking, feeling, or doing." It is also defined as, "a cultural feature, as an attitude, belief, a custom, preserved or evolved from the past."As my daughter and I started to discuss what fun and exciting thing we can do on New Year Eve, It occured to me that I have carried on a tradition for years because it takes me back to my roots and my family.  This New Year Eve as every New Year, I cooked white soup, which, in Damascus, Syria, white is a portent of happiness in the ensuing year.  Even though I knew that cooking white soup was sort of an old wives tale, and that it could not change destiny, I couldn't help myself. Others carry out New Year traditions in the hope that something good will come from it.  For example, in some parts of Mexico during the New Year celebration, a person will carry an empty suitcase around the neighborhood, hoping that in the New Year he or she will be able to travel to new places.  Mexican families also, during New Years, will throw money all over the house, hoping that the New Year will bring prosperity.My daughter wished to spend the first hour of the New Year dancing so, I spent this New Year eve dancing, while carrying an empty suitcase, sipping a yogurt soup and throwing money all over the house.  You never know, one of these tradition just might work. Chilled Yogurt Soupserves 42   cups non-fat plain yogurt1     clove garlic1 1/2   cups water1/2  teaspoon mintsalt to taste-Cut the garlic into two pieces and mix with the yogurt.  Chill for two hours.-Remove the garlic clove from the yogurt.  Add the rest of the ingredients to the yogurt and whisk into a smooth liquid.